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play_me_by's Journal

Play Me By: A PB Suggestion Comm.
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Play Me By
a PB suggestion comm

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What The Shit Is This? Play Me By is the project of phoenix_prose via played_you_by.

What The Shit Is A 'PB'? 'PB' stands for 'Portrayed By' or 'Played By' (also know as a 'face claim') and basically refers to the practice of assigning a real person (usually a celebrity or model) to be the 'face' of a fictional character. Obviously the trick is to get somebody who looks like the character in question.

What The Fuck Series Do You Cover? Animanga: Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Naruto, Trigun/Trigun Maximum; Videogames: Mortal Kombat. They're by no means complete, and will always be works-in-progress, but hey. At least it's a start!

Alternately, look up characters by PB here.

Want to suggest a fandom for me to hunt down PBs for? Drop me a line here. If you're hunting for a particular character, too, let me know that and I'll try to find them first.